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Wisdom Teeth Extractions – Rowlett, TX

Safe, Effective, & Provided with Unmatched Expertise

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Wouldn’t it be great if wisdom teeth made us smarter? But the truth is, our third molars that often emerge in the late teens and early twenties can cause serious problems. Why? Because our modern jaws aren’t shaped to accommodate these big teeth. As a result, wisdom teeth can become encased in bone or tissue, which we call impaction. When they do emerge through the gums, wisdom teeth fight for position with other teeth and cause dental crowding, which increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Why Choose Rowlett Dental Associates for Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

  • Sedation dentistry ensures comfortable care
  • Everything you need provided under one roof
  • Team led by 3 expert dentists

Wisdom teeth that are fully erupted can be extracted much like any other tooth. Impacted teeth require a more complex procedure to remove. We will take X-rays to determine the placement of your wisdom teeth prior to removal.

Your wisdom teeth extraction will be performed with precision and skill honed by years of experience. Dr. Fedosky has been removing impacted wisdom teeth in the comfort of our own Rowlett office since 1991. Modern anesthesia methods, including sedation dentistry, make for a comfortable experience. Our team will let you know what to expect during your treatment, then monitor you throughout your visit to ensure that you feel comfortable at every step.

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