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5 Things To Know Before Getting Orthodontic Treatment

August 24, 2022

Braces are a great option for teeth straightening treatment that lets patients enjoy aligned and more beautiful teeth. Straight teeth not only seem attractive but are more comfortable to clean and less prone to decay and toothaches. Crooked teeth can be a problem, no matter what situation your mouth is in or how old you are. Getting orthodontic braces for your uneven teeth is the right choice. If you’re like most patients having some questions and concerns about teeth straightening then you must know a few things before getting your orthodontic treatment in Rowlett.

  1. You Are Never Too Old For Braces!

Age doesn’t matter when you want to align your teeth. Teeth can be moved safely despite age. It is only important to know that we are moving healthy teeth around. If you have active gum disease and you get braces, you could lose bone around the teeth, and eventually, lose teeth. 

  1. You must have healthy gums before getting braces

You must have healthy gums and teeth before you get orthodontic braces on! There is a lot of inflammation in gum disease that causes the bone becomes soft. So when braces apply pressure on the bone, it can not take the extra strain, and bone loss occurs around the teeth, causing them to shake and in some cases, even fall out! So, get a gum check before getting orthodontic braces & your orthodontist will begin your teeth straightening treatment when you are ready for braces.

  1. You Must Have Good Oral Health Before Getting Braces

Good oral hygiene is required to remove plaque and bacteria. If they gather on the brackets and teeth, the bacteria may cause gum disease to become unmanageable. In that case, your teeth could become loose while the gum disease worsens. Also, if you don’t brush properly, the bacteria get trapped on your teeth by the braces, and when the braces are removed. You get teeth that have patches.

  1. Not Always Braces Are Unattractive

There are many different types of braces available in Rowlett. You don’t have to look like a teenager with a metal mouth any longer! There are ceramic braces, which have natural-looking tooth-colored brackets, or go for Invisalign clear aligners, a set of discreet aligners that help move teeth slowly but definitely into their new position.

  1. Braces Are Not That Painful

Some people are concerned about the pain, and to be fair, the teeth do feel sore for a few days after tightening the wire. But it soothes up very soon.

Orthodontist In Rowlett

So go ahead and take that leap to do braces if you have been lingering about it. Or at least just visit an orthodontist in Rowlett for a consultation and ask all the questions you want for your oral health. Age is not a factor when determining if you should go ahead to straighten those crooked or protruding teeth. Contact the best Rowlett orthodontist to get started with your teeth straightening treatment. Schedule a consultation now!

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