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7 Things Wants You To Know About Baby Teeth

June 15, 2022

Parents celebrate their baby’s first tooth as a major milestone in their child’s growth and development. However, these early teeth are also known as baby teeth, or milk teeth and they remain in their mouth for a certain number of years. If you want to ensure your child’s teeth are healthy, contact us to get the best pediatric dentist in Rowlett, TX. Following are seven facts to know about baby teeth.

  • Baby Tooth Eruption Timeline

Baby teeth start forming during the fetal stage, but it doesn’t erupt until six months to a year. Teething is when your baby’s first set of teeth breaks through their gums. Around three months of age babies, will salivate more and put their hands in their mouths. However, the first baby tooth usually appears when babies are around 6 months old. In most cases, the teeth come in through the lower front teeth, and most children will have twenty teeth by age three.

  • Signs Of Teething

Every baby experience teething differently. Some have no symptoms, while others go through a lot of pain. Following are some common teething symptoms your baby might experience:

  • Drooling
  • Irritability
  • Swelling or redness of gums
  • Ear rubbing
  • Facial rash
  • Mild temperature
  • Sucking or biting

There are a few ways to help ease your child’s pain and discomfort. A few remedies are as follows:

  • You can offer something solid, not liquid-filled, teething rings, or a clean frozen or wet washcloth.
  • You can gently massage your baby’s gums with a clean finger or a wet gauze pad.
  • If your child is eating solids, offer chilled foods, like applesauce, and pureed peaches.

If your baby exhibits these symptoms and they don’t go away or seem to worsen, please contact our pediatric dentist in Rowlett, TX.

  • Add Fluoride To Your Child’s Diet.

Fluoride is a mineral that prevents tooth decay by strengthening the enamel of teeth. Fluoride is added to tap water, and you can give your baby a few ounces when they start consuming solid foods. However, speak with our pediatric dentist to see if your tap water contains fluoride or if your child needs fluoride supplements after your baby is of six months. 

  • Brushing Baby Teeth

Before your baby’s first tooth becomes visible, wipe their mouth every day with a soft, moist washcloth. Once your child has a tooth, you should brush them twice a day with rice size smear of fluoride toothpaste. Remember never to put your baby to bed with a bottle, it can cause tooth decay. When your child is old enough, teach your baby to spit out the toothpaste. Once your child is about six years old, put the toothpaste on the toothbrush. Parents should monitor their child’s brushing until they are 7 to 8 years old.

  • Thumb-Sucking Can Harm Baby Teeth

Thumb sucking along with a pacifier can cause different problems. If children continue this behavior after their permanent teeth start to erupt, it may cause bite problems or alignment problems. Meanwhile, keep a watch for any signs of alignment problems. It is better to consult our pediatric dentist in Rowlett, TX, about any additional strategies worth considering.

  • Baby Teeth And Cavities

Any sugary beverages can cause tooth decay in baby teeth, even breast milk or formula can cause plaque to gather. It can occur when babies are put to bed with a bottle or prolonged use of sippy cups. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar and multiply producing acid. This acid attacks the teeth and enamel causing tooth decay.  It is important to wipe your baby’s mouth with sterile gauze after bottle feedings. 

Ways To Prevent Cavities Are:

  • Avoid giving your baby sticky or unhealthy snacks like candy, soda, or juice. Instead, opt for healthy snacks like cheese, yogurt, or fruit.
  • Avoid giving juice to babies under six months.
  • If you see white spots which is a sign of a developing cavity, make an appointment with our pediatric dentist.
  • First Dental Visit

All children should see a pediatric dentist and establish a dental home by age one. Contact us if you are looking for the best pediatric dentist who will look after your little one’s smile. This will ensure your baby’s teeth are developing normally, and have no dental issues.

Pediatric Dentist In Rowlett, TX

Children have unique dental problems, and visiting our pediatric dentist at a young age will ensure their oral health. If you are worried about your child’s teeth, contact us to get the best pediatric dentist who will teach proper dental care for your young one. Book an appointment today!

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